2015 Proposed Slate of Officers, Directors, and Committee Chairs

The SAME Fort Worth Post Proposed Slate of Officers, Directors, and Committee Chairs 2015:

Sarah Cole (O’Brien Engineering, Inc.): President
Meloni McDaniel (TEXO Association): 1st Vice President
Charlie Hart (GSA): 2nd VP/Programs
Tony Semento (USACE): 3rd VP/Communications
Sarwenaj Ashraf (USACE): Young Member VP
Jimmy Baggett (USACE): Secretary
Angie McCullough (CMJ Engineering, Inc.): Assistant Secretary
Mark Simmons: Treasurer
Stephanie Winquest (Hanfeld Hoffer): Assistant Treasurer

Bob Morris (USACE): Continuity Director
Eric Canales (URS): Director/Education & Training
Lem Du Bose (Atkins): Director/Leadership & Mentoring
Tony Semento (USACE): Director/Emergency Preparedness & Homeland Security
Lisa Monroe (Test America): Director/Relationship & Recognition
Mike Doris (RMGI): Director/NCO

Committee Chairs
Education and Training Committee:
Charlie Hart (GSA): Programs
Stephen Knox (HNTB): Licensure/Certificates

Outreach & Communication Committee:
Paul Padilla (Multatech): K-12
Jodi Davis (Paragon 4 Design): College
Meloni McDaniel (TEXO Association): Communications
JB West: Scholarships
Mike Doris (RMGI): Agency Member Development
Steve Minear (TNX LLC): Wounded Warrior Support
TBD (UTA Student): Student Chapter Ambassador

Emergency Preparedness & Homeland Security Committee:
Dorie Murphy (USACE): Emergency Preparedness & Homeland Security

Relationships & Recognition Committee:
Angie McCullough (CMJ Engineering): Recognition
Sarwenaj Ashraf (USACE): Young Members
Eric Canales (URS): Past Presidents and Fellows Council
Jim O’Brien (O’Brien Engineering, Inc.): Small Business
Mike Barnard (LBL Architects): Documentation
Mike Doris (RMGI): NCO

Finance Committee:
Mark Simmons: Finance

Membership Committee:
Tony Semento (USACE): Membership

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