Student Scholarship Application 2023

The Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) is a non-profit professional engineering association headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, with chapters (called posts) worldwide. Its mission is to bring together professional engineers and those in engineering-related fields to improve and increase the engineering capabilities of the nation; and to exchange and advance the knowledge of engineering technologies, applications, and practices. Each year, the Fort Worth Post of SAME provides college scholarships to deserving students who are interested in pursuing an education in an engineering or science related field to help begin this education and mentoring process.

  1. The candidate must be enrolled as a full-time student in an engineering, architectural or related science degree program at a college or university. Preference will be given to students enrolled in a Texas college or university. Veterans, and students enrolled in ROTC will receive additional points in the evaluation procedure.
  2. The candidate must be a United States Citizen.
  3. The candidate must submit a formal application for consideration.
  4. The candidate must submit an original or copy of an official transcript.
  5. The candidate must complete a type-written, double-spaced essay, not to exceed 500 words, addressing the following:
    a. why you are pursuing a career in engineering, architecture or related sciences;
    b. your understanding of SAME and how involvement with this organization will help you to achieve your academic/professional aspirations and objectives; and
    c. what distinguishes you from other candidates.
  6. The candidate must submit two (2) recommendations from non-related persons. Suggested sources include, but are not limited to, school faculty members, supervisors, members of volunteer organizations, members of the clergy, etc.
  7. Please fill in all applicable fields to complete all forms.
  8. The application package MUST be RECEIVED no later than 4:00 pm, Wednesday, April 26, 2023.
    Note: Candidates may apply for this award each of their academic years. New letters of recommendation and essays will be required each year. Additional consideration will be given for participation in ROTC and SAME-related activities.
  9. A Committee of SAME officers will make the selection.
  10. Selection will be based on academic achievement, character, personal merit and commitment towards the field of engineering. Merit is demonstrated through leadership in school, civic and extracurricular activities, academic achievement, and motivation to serve and succeed.
  11. Multiple scholarships are awarded each year, however, One Special Set aside scholarship (valued at $2,000) will be awarded to a student enrolled in engineering and ROTC. Other scholarships of undetermined values will also be awarded
  12. Selection will be made with no regard to race, color, creed, sex or national origin.
    Send the completed application and supporting materials to: CMJ Engineering, Inc.
    Attn: Angie McCullough SAME Scholarship Chairman 7636 Pebble Drive
    Fort Worth, Texas 76118
    Completed applications must be received no later than 4:00 pm, April 26, 2023.

Please see below to download the editable application.

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