July 7 Monthly Lunch: The F Word Makes Us Better

The F Word Makes Us Better

RSVP to angie@cmjengr.com no later than July 2nd at noon.  Pay for your lunch with cash or check at the door or with credit/debit card on or before July 2nd at noon by selecting the appropriate link on the vertical column of the home page.  Happy 4th of July!

jfogg pictureSpeaker: Jennifer Fogg, CPF, F. SAME

ASSET Group, Inc.

F is for…

What’s the Biggest Mistake You’ve Ever Made?  How Did It Shape You?  By learning from Failure we build resiliency, learn to innovate and are better equipped to take on new challenges.  As a result, we often reach new heights of success in the process.  During this funny, poignant and very candid presentation, Jennifer will discuss specific mistakes and failures she has encountered in her career and how they shaped her business and her leadership style.


Jennifer Fogg is CEO at ASSET Group a woman-owned, minority-owned small business that provides federal agencies with design-build construction services and disaster response support.  Fogg’s career spans a short 15 years during which time she has successfully managed more than $500 million in contracts, won her companies more than $4 billion in capacity and is a tireless supporter of all things SAME.  She recently completed her tenure as SAME’s national Vice President and now serves on the Executive Committee for the Academy of Fellows.


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