May’s Monthly Meeting: NCTCOG Transportation Planning

The Dallas-Fort Worth region was recently reported to be the fastest growing metropolitan area in the country. The infrastructure needs of a region this size are becoming increasingly more difficult to provide. Transportation is no exception. The North Central Texas Council of Governments is charged by the federal government to develop and maintain the region’s long-range transportation plan. The current plan, Mobility 2035, contains approximately $100 billion worth of policies, programs and projects to be implemented over the next 20-25 years. Dan Lamers will present an outline of Mobility 2035 as well as the challenges associated with its implementation in today’s challenging fiscal and social environment.

Dan Lamers, PE, Senior Program Manager – Transportation Planning, North Central Texas Council of Governments

Dan Lamers is a Senior Program Manager for Transportation Planning with the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG), the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  Dan has been with NCTCOG since September 1985.  He received his Bachelors Degree in 1985 from Virginia Tech, majoring in Civil Engineering with emphasis in transportation.  He subsequently received his Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington.  He is a registered engineer in the state of Texas.
Dan is currently NCTCOG’s Senior Program Manager for transportation planning, including the development of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, major highway and rail corridor studies, thoroughfare planning, Environmental Justice and Title VI analyses, and integration of transportation planning and NEPA.  .  His responsibilities include the planning and development of HOV facilities, managed lanes, value pricing, as well as traditional roadway and transit facilities.  They also include the managing travel model applications including the development of specialized procedures necessary in transportation plans and studies.  Dan also coordinates the transportation planning activities of local governments and other transportation agencies and incorporates them into the metropolitan transportation planning process.

Dan is currently the chairman of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Advisory Council at the University of Texas at Arlington and has also served as an adjunct professor at UTA in the City and Regional Planning Department teaching travel demand modeling and transportation policy.  He is active in the transportation profession and has held various officer positions within the Fort Worth Section of the Texas Institute of Transportation Engineers.

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