First Meeting of 2013

jfogg pictureDo You Have What It Takes?

Successful completion of federal projects can be a risky business.  Add in a major storm or catastrophic national event and it can be a recipe for disaster for many business owners, large and small.  So why do some companies take on the challenge of disaster response?  If you have ever considered responding to a national disaster or emergency, you can’t miss this upcoming SAME lunch.

Jennifer Fogg, CEO of ASSET Group, Inc., will share the opportunities associated with disaster response contracts and how to avoid the obstacles that can wreak havoc on your business.   From actual lessons learned responding to disasters including Ike and Katrina to ASSET’s current contract response to Hurricane Sandy, Jennifer will describe how you can find opportunity, protect your business and prepare your company to support work that is currently being done in the Northeast US.

Jennifer Fogg, CPF, F. SAME (ASSET Group, Inc.)
Jennifer Fogg is CEO for ASSET Group, Inc. a woman-owned, minority-owned small business and general contractor since 1990.  She is first to say that ASSET’s “day job” is federal general and design build construction, while the company “moonlights” in disaster response.  Since 1994, the company has completed and self-performed almost $65 million in response and recovery projects for FEMA, GSA, USACE and Red Cross across the US.  Most recently and currently, Jennifer has been deployed to the East Coast since October 23rd, providing support and logistics for these same agencies in response to Hurricane Sandy.  This is her second trip out of NY and she has yet to go home!

Over her career, Jennifer has overseen more than $500 million in federal construction and environmental contracts and has won her companies more than $5 billion in contract capacity. She is currently the National Vice President for SAME, a Fellow and the Founder/Past Chair of SAME’s National Small Business Council.  Jennifer is also the longest serving member of SAME’s Senior Executive Group.

She has four daughters, lives in Oklahoma and in her spare time she enjoys reading travel magazines and daydreams about taking a vacation.

RSVP to Angie McCullough:

Prices: $25/person and $20/young member (35 years old and younger)

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