March 6th Monthly Luncheon: The Cyber Threat, with Adam Kraft

March Luncheon Program



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This months speaker and topic:

Adam Kraft, formerly one of our nation’s top intelligence collection leaders, will inform us about the ongoing global Cyber war and how targeting professionals look at our institutions through a human lens. Come learn how cybersecurity impacts national security infrastructure-related challenges and our SAME common purpose.

Adam Taichi [Tie-Chee] Kraft was one of our Nation’s intelligence collection leaders as a Federal Civilian Intelligence Officer within the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the Office of the Director for National Intelligence (ODNI) from August 2009 until August 2015. He rose from a regional desk officer to senior intelligence officer of the Global Intelligence Operations Center, then Intelligence Collection Strategist for the Middle East, and finally the Senior Intelligence Collection Strategist for the Middle East and Africa. Adam faithfully served until the decision to negotiate with the Iranian Regime in 2015 halted all his team’s efforts. At that time, he, his family, and many of his colleagues decided it was time to leave the agency and take an early retirement offer.

Adam has been certified by the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, Dr. Michael Vickers, and confirmed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and National Security Agency (NSA), as an Intelligence Collection Manager via the Certified Collection Management Professional Fundamentals Program (CCMP-F). He has conducted operations planning and executed countless missions in geospatial imagery, signals intercept and cyberspace exploitation, determining emanating phenomena, integration of open literature or media, forensics collection, and of course … human intelligence or HUMINT. He had served as an intelligence operations leader under DIA Directors Burgess, Flynn, and Stewart and received numerous awards from U.S. and Allied leaders for success on the modern intelligence battlespace.

Before his civilian appointment in the national intelligence community, Adam was an active duty Army operations officer. He served in multiple units and joint assignments within the U.S. as well as in Europe and the Middle East with the 1st Infantry Division, the 82nd Airborne Division, and with several larger headquarters organizations. Adam was medically retired as a Major in August 2009 after an 18 month long recovery from several ailments and injuries sustained overseas. During his extensive time within the hospital system Adam was a patient intern with the Defense Intelligence Agency through Secretary Robert Gates’ Warrior Initiative Program.

An Eagle Scout from the Chicago Suburbs, Adam received his associate’s degree from the Marion Military Institute in Alabama in May 1996 while completing the U.S. Army’s Early Commissioning Program for the reserves. He suspended his reserve commission to become a cadet and graduated from the United States Military Academy in 2000 being one of only two in the class who volunteered and qualified for the Chemical Corps. He also earned a MS degree from a joint U.S. Army Chemical School and Webster University program in Environmental Engineering and Hazardous Materials Consequence Management. He is a recipient of multiple military awards to include The Bronze Star (1 Oak Leaf Cluster).

He is married to his beautiful and talented wife Mary Katherine (nee Stuart) of University Park, TX and they have two-year-old twins, Irene and George. The family is protected (and according to NSA likely being spied on) by their Welsh Pembroke Corgi, Whiskey, a retired Auxiliary Royal Mascot for British Intelligence within the Pentagon. They recently moved to Keller, Texas.

“Lieutenant Kraft’s diligent adherence to the National Command Authority’s guidance on Weapons of Mass Destruction sites strengthened the coalition’s efforts to bring the previous despotic regime to justice.” Awards order signed by General Raymond T. Odierno former commanding officer, 04 September 2003.

“Mr. Kraft has been a key link with our Allied partners in sharing and efficient exchange of intelligence. Innovative, extremely well-versed in his discipline, he has provided key guidance for agency efforts to effectively and efficiently manage intelligence collection against the highest priority national intelligence targets.” Name Omitted, Defense Clandestine Service, Middle East Division, Defense Intelligence Agency 2015

“Mr. Kraft is hands-down the top collection strategist in all of collection management and intelligence targeting! His strategies are used as models for all Integrated Intelligence Centers. He provides critical collection support to 7 national-level campaigns and fully integrates all-source collection in every one. He excels at collaborating with Intelligence Community analysts and collectors to ensure integrated team efforts for closing Priority 1 gaps – and he often directs operational planning himself. He was personally selected to represent DIA at the first ‘FIVE EYES Collection Working Group’ in the UK, underscoring his collection strategy expertise. A superb mentor, he works tirelessly with junior collection officers to refine collection on Iran, and he personally developed the Middle East Africa Regional Center’s collection strategy formats.” Ralph Longmire, Chief Collection Operations Officer, Middle East and Africa, Defense Intelligence Agency 2014 / Former Leader of the U.S. Syria Crisis Cell prior to his early retirement.

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